You want to understand its people, and wish to truly enjoy a country, then you need to know CANADA’s official languages: English and French.
To provide an accurate translation of a message, you need to know, at a deep level, the many layers of social meanings that affect each word and to understand each word in context.

For your language skill requirements, we serve you through a network of professional translators.
We are available to your interpreter should questions arise on matters of legal clarification or personal nuance.
Experts for the Canadian culture and language

Words represent things, and linked together they have meaning. Think about this: You can have a round disk, a net, and a long curved stick. You might wonder what each has to do with the other - in Canada - the response would be immediate: The concept that springs to mind instantly – Hockey! Whether you simply wish to have a conversation with a friend, attend a business meeting or are trying to make sense of a written professional report, it will be most important to you to choose the guidance of a translator who has an intellectual, experiential, and emotional connection to the language and the culture they are translating to and from.