Ask anyone what is the first emotion that springs to mind immediately when they thinking about the Canadian Maritimes and they will undoubtedly say one thing– “friendly”
In Nova Scotia, you are never more than 56 km away from the Ocean
The Province of Nova Scotia

The round about 580 km long peninsula of Nova Scotia is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Bay of Fundy, the Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The gulf, the world's largest estuary, is the outlet of North America's Great Lakes via the Saint Lawrence River into the Atlantic Ocean. The gulf is bounded on the north by the Labrador Peninsula, to the east by Newfoundland, to the south by the Nova Scotia peninsula and Cape Breton Island, and to the west by the Gaspé and New Brunswick. It contains Anticosti Island, Prince Edward Island, and the Magdalen Islands. In other words, we have earned our title: The Maritimes, Canada´s Ocean Playground.

Nova Scotia depicts a mosaic of rugged highlands, quiet harbours and ocean beaches. Its jagged coastline entails some 10.424 km of vast beauty.

The climate in Nova Scotia may be considered rather continental than maritime. It is generally tempered and mild, although almost completely surrounded by water and speckled with lakes, streams and rivers much like a “sponge“ when viewed from above
Its people and heritage

Don’t be surprised if the grocery store clerk starts making conversation with you, cars on a busy intersections stop politely as you are waiting to cross the street – merging into traffic, no problem – the rules of the road also reflect the sense of common courtesy that is the hallmark of the Maritime culture – but do remember it is Mari-time – it is expected that life is to be lived, and lived in balance. The business climate is decidedly relational. Introductions through a network of contacts from which cross-referrals flow are underscored by an array of professional organizations that bring together companies.