Balko Schmidt
Balko was born in Germany’s cool north, in the harbour city of Lübeck, a place of large, open coastal landscapes. True to those roots Balko has actively striven to expand both his intuition and his intellect. His early family life, which included extensive travel and long term postings in such far-flung destinations as Nambia and Canada, instilled in him an abiding passion for the diversity of people and cultures as well as a love and appreciation of our human connection to nature.

Balko attended Hamburg University, earning his degree as Diplom - Wirtschaftsingenieur or Master of Industrial Engineering, a designation which encompasses both technical and economic facets. Upon graduation his first employment was with an accounting firm followed by a term as controller with Lufthansa Technik AG. A desire for greater autonomy and his inborn sense of wanderlust prompted Balko to create his own real estate management company which led naturally to his joining the team of Robinson & Harmsen die Makler GbR.

Balance is a key word in Balko’s vocabulary. He feels he now stands firmly with one foot on each continent, intimate with both European and North American cultures. If now is your time to achieve your hopes and desires for personal freedom in Canada, take advantage of his experience and cultural empathy to make your dreams a reality.

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