Peter Peters
I absolutely love my Life on the Island of Sylt and am here by choice: professionally and personally so. I am born and bred on Sylt and absolutely at your service.

It is my pleasure to meet and exceed your expectation as your Guide and Broker of trust.
I perfectly validate your expectancy of my professional service and because we are dealing with your investment.

I promise you
TRANSPARENCY: open and candid communication addressing your expectancy to ensure trust and long term business relationships are secure.

CONFIDENTIALITY: your requests and concerns are treated with the utmost of privacy.
It is consequently our decision to offer our small + fine Office within a real
„Norddörfer - Friesenhaus“ instead of a flashy spotlight office.

TIME: Each conversation with you is valuable to us. This is how wishes become reality and ideas are developed together. Wherever you wish to connect with us: we are available to you!

INNOVATION: Just because "this is how it has always been done" does not mean it is
the Best way. It is our mission to make a meaningful impact in your real estate decisions.

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+49.170.5825504 (CET)