Martina Robinson
Martina immigrated to Canada with her family in 1977, settling first in Montreal and relocating to Nova Scotia in 1981 where her father was involved in the formation of the German company SIEMENS Maritime.

She considers herself a ‘Serial Lifestyle Entrepreneur’ in the sense that she derives great satisfaction from the dynamics of self-employment and the challenge of achieving balance between fulfilling work and a harmonious life. Martina and her husband, Frank Harmsen, together operate the company constellation of Robinson & Harmsen, while also managing the shared responsibility of their 7 adult children, two granddaughters, one grandson and families in Halifax and in Hamburg.

The EU, Hamburg company Robinson & Harmsen die Makler GbR works symbiotically with its 'private for-sale-by-owner' Nova Scotia Canada marketing company, Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc., to provide superior advertising and promotion while achieving creative outlet through the publishing of CONNECT Magazine.

Martina considers herself to be globally oriented and has worked with people from around the world in her Public Relations and Marketing careers in Canada and in Europe. “I prefer to problem solve in a lateral or circular way rather than linear,” she says. “I feel that I provide a true balance between grounded reality and the intuitive which allows me to navigate and translate within diverse cultural relationships and systems.”

Martina holds her real estate license in Germany. TODAY, Martina does NOT hold an active real estate license in Nova Scotia, Canada and believes privacy is not only luxury but the base line of all business trust in personal transparency. The international Robinson & Harmsen team work GDPR compliant under the market place principle. Respectful of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada OPC, PIPEDA applies to the R&H business.

The combination of her accreditations, education and life experience makes her ideally suited as transparent relocation service provider.
She also served as Hamburg’s Regional Director with the Deutsch-Kanadische Gesellschaft e. V. (DKG - est. 1951) a bilateral, non-profit association which offers integrative assistance to those interested in immigrating to Canada.

Martina L.I. Robinson she/her
Managing Director | Owner & Founder
Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

A Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia:
- 1. term commencing July 26, 2012 ending July 25, 2017
- 2. term commencing July 26, 2017 ending July 25, 2022
- 3. term commencing July 26, 2022 ending July 25, 2027

Member: iapp - International Association of Privacy Professionals

Real Estate License according to §34c GewO
as per German Government Regulator:

Gemeinde Ammersbek | Am Gutshof 3 | 22949 Ammersbek
Telefon: 040-60581-0 | eMail:
License Registry Office: Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Schleswig Holstein

Office Nova Scotia:
Mobile Nova Scotia:
  +1.902.889.2778 (AST)
+1.902.476.4710 (AST)