Nicola C. Hütter
Nicola Christina Hütter was born in Hamburg and comes from a family of real estate brokers. In fact, her father still manages his own brokerage firm. Nicola herself began her career in real estate in 1995 with the offices of ‘Engel & Völkers Immobilien GmbH’ in Hamburg where she specialized in residential apartment management. In the following years she continued with the firm of ‘DB Immobilien’, part of a constellation of companies integrated within the ‘Deutsche Bank’ and then continued her education and experience with ‘Dr. Wentzel Immobilien since 1820’ where she focused on residential and commercial real estate before establishing herself as Managing Director of the firm ‘MBI -Immobilien.’ In 2007 she founded her own brokerage of ‘Nicola Schaper Immobilien’ in Hamburg. It’s no exaggeration to say Nicola has real estate ‘in her blood.’

Her other passion, besides real estate, is the sport of Equestrian Riding which relates directly to her specialization in equestrian related real properties and country estates although her company is also active in the field of real estate rental and leasing, both commercial and residential, as well as the traditional marketing and appraisal of real property.

Nicola fosters a long standing fascination for English speaking countries which has led her to live for extensive periods in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and allowed her a superb command of the English language. In combination with her deep well of real estate experience Nicola brings to her Northern German clientele her exceptional energy, integrity and attention to detail. Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate is proud to have her as a cooperating partner and Associated Broker.

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